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Consultation Open: Hither Green Lane streetscape

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Road Safety News: Courthill Road Layout improvements

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Good news. Hither Green residents working to make Hither Green Green better for shopping, pedestrians and parents of small children have arranged for  Lewisham Council to open an official consultation over the use of available funds. There is of course hot competition for the money. The Hither Green Residents Group carried out their own local consultation last year. Unsurprisingly, the Western side of Hither Green wanted less traffic,  fewer bottle shops and an improved retail offer. Lewisham’s  consultation on Hither Green Green opens for comment this Friday 29 May. The proposal document can be found by clicking the link. Local councillors Stella Jeffrey, Damien Egan …

Lewisham Central Counillor Stela Jeffrey has announced that work to improve the layout of Courthill Road where it meets Lewisham High Street begins very shortly. Just heard that works to improve Courthill Road/Lewisham High Street junction will start on August 26 with the main phase starting on 15/9. — Stella Jeffrey (@JeffreyStella) August 19, 2014

Hither Green residents were in the papers on Friday 18th April, calling for more crossings and better speed enforcement on local roads. The South London Press ran the story, which featured a picture of residents gathered on Ennersdale Road to call for change. Lewisham’s Mayor Steve Bullock has said the Council will investigate concerns after …