HGCA – Plans for 2021!

Hello and a Happy New Year to you!

We’ve had a good Christmas with the community supporting our trees, mugs and cards. We want to thank everyone who supported our efforts, especially the local businesses and artists who ensured we had beautiful products and wonderful places to sell them.

NEW PEOPLE! Like most community groups, last year the HGCA moved everything online; it was sad to miss out on the usual flurry of meetings, volunteer events, fairs and markets and we also had to postpone our AGM. In the last year several of the HGCA team moved on or moved away and we are now looking to expand our group, bringing on board more people and finding new safe and interesting ways to serve this community.

We need people with:

Planning expertise;

An interest in our environment and street trees;

Links to our high street and shopping parades;

An interest in presenting attitudes to transport, road crossings and traffic.

This year is going to pose its challenges and we need active people to help represent this community and opportunities and challenges present themselves. To join us please email Chair@ourhithergreen.com

Will there be a Hither Green Festival in 2021?

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