New Street Trees!

This is a map of HGCA past, current and future tree planting:

  •  The tree locations are requested by residents
  •  Each possible location is thoroughly investigated and scanned by Street Trees for Living
  •  The location is the approved/ declined by residents in the immediate vicinity
  • Each process whittles down the list of trees before finally being sent to the Lewisham Tree Officer who makes the final decision.

The cost of each tree is £295 (which includes the costs of future maintenance).

New street trees can be funded privately by residents- email

HGCA sponsored trees have been sponsored by:

  • Our sales of Christmas trees, mugs and bags.
  • The Lewisham Ward Assembly,
  • The Section 106 Board (drawn from Developers’ admin fees paid to Lewisham Planning).
  •  The Mayor of London,

Any nominations for future tree planting locations  can  be sent to Anne:

Please ‘adopt’ a tree and water it!
You can also ‘adopt’ a planter near you and plant and water.