HGCA- Sponsor A Planter Scheme

Let’s improve Hither Green Lane Together!

The Hither Green Community Association is a constituted, non profit community organisation run by volunteers who are local residents.

We are working in partnership with shops and businesses to improve Hither Green Lane. We made a great start just before Christmas by clearing up the former barbershop on the corner of Theodore Rd.

The Sponsor A Planter Scheme

This month, the HGCA is launching a scheme for businesses and local residents to Sponsor A Planter on Hither Green Lane.

Lovely new planters will be placed along HGL and filled with lots of colourful plants. These planters will draw more attention to your shops and encourage people to shop locally. HGCA will be buying SIX planters for the area and we’re asking you to join us by investing in your own planter which will stand proudly outside your shop!

Volunteers Planting

The Planters. Each planter will have flowering plants and evergreen shrubs. It will also have a plaque with your shop name, promoting your business.


* Planter style 1 = £90 +VAT@ 20%  Free Delivery
1.5m long x 650mm high x 450mm

* Planter style 2 = £110 +VAT@ 20%  Free Delivery
650mm x 600mm x 600mm

* Plants + Compost = £30 (with 15% HGCA supplier discount)
Plaque with your shop bane = £5

NOTE: The HGCA takes no fee from this scheme; all monies collected will fund your planter.


Permission. Lewisham Council has granted HGCA written permission to site these planters on HGL.

Maintenance. Teams of local residents will volunteer their time to maintain your planters twice a year on advertised Planting Days. NOTE: It will be  your planter and your responsibility to keep it regularly watered!

This is a fantastic opportunity for Hither Green to work together. So act now and together  we can transform Hither Green Lane!

To find out more please contact: info@OurHitherGreen.com

We look forward to working with you!

Thank you

The  HGCA – Hither Green Community Association

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