Grow Wild: Greening Hither Green- Photos of our chosen sites.

HG map



Yellow marker =  proposed projects.

Red marker = current ongoing projects.

Map: Grow Wild: Greening Hither Green


Littlebourne Flats 

Task: Small community orchard – 5 trees

Target:  young people in the flats and on Wellmeadow Road.  Ages 7-12

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Springbank Road 

Task: 2 planters  + Greening Hither Green Mosaic Trail

Target:  2 local Scout packs. Ages 7-12. 

Year 6 at Brindishe Green School 

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Springbank Embankment

Task: Bird / Wildlife camera kit.

Target: ADults to install,  children to monitor and to interpret.

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Fernbrook Embankment  

Task: Woodland management and planting- trees, wildflower seeds, shrubs and native woodland perennials

Target:  Ages 18+

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Task: Scattering shade tolerant wildflower seed.

Target:  Ages 18+ 

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