Mountsfield Park

IMG-20130629-04436User Group: Friends of Mountsfield Park

Entrances:  Stainton Road, George Lane, Brownhill Road  and Carswell Road

Mountsfield Park is one of the largest open spaces in the borough, its popular with joggers and dog walkers.  It is also the venue for Lewisham’s annual People’s Day celebration.

On a clear day you can see to Hilly Fields, Brockley; Canary Wharf, Docklands and Crystal Palace. It has two playgrounds  several full size football pitches, basketball and tennis courts. There are also formal gardens, the last remnants of the home of Henry Stainton a Victorian etymologist.

There are exciting times ahead for Mountsfield Park as the Friends Group are working in consultation with the local community, Lewisham Council, Glendale- its parks management contractors and  Groundwork to redesign the former bowling green. Mountsfield