Clear-Ups & Plant Swaps

HGCA GREEN PROJECT: Community Clear-ups around Hither Green.

The Hither Community Association periodically organises mass voluntary clear-ups of spots where littering has become an eyesore or shrubs have  become over grown enough to present a hazard.

Summer 2012 saw local residents, led by the HGCA do a spot of guerilla gardening on the corner of Nightingale Grove and Springbank Road. This was the location of a former nursery and the derelict site had become a serious local issue.

Nightingale Grove Clear Up, July 2012 Photo ©Lewisham Gardens

Galvanising Hither Green residents to make a contribution to their own community is a great way of fostering civic pride and getting to know your neighbours. The clear up crew cut back sacks full of out of control buddleia and elder and collected bags and bags of rubbish.

Local plant and seed swaps are also popular in Hither Green. They happen during the first week of the Hither Green Festival,  which in 2013 will be entering its fifth year. These events are advertised in local shops,on this website,  local online forums, and on the HGCA Twitter feed. Follow @HG_Festival

Free Plant Swap May 2012, Hither Green Festival 





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