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The Lewisham Well-being Map

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NEW: The Curly Blossom Hair Club

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Ella Roberta Inquest – Legal Fees Appeal

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Smoothies A fresh blended drink maintains its total fibre content and is, as such more filling. Ingredients Use a selection of fresh fruit eg bananas, pear; the fewer ‘bits’ the better. Ie use fresh orange juice, over orange segments, because of the pith (unless using a high-powered blender eg. Vita-Mix. Vary the ingredients, add herbal root powders …

A decent cereal makes all the difference; choose one without added sugar wherever possible. Fresh is best, undoubtedly but isn’t always the most practical. Processed cereals are low sources of nutrients. Once ‘whole’, these flakes, puffs etc are over crisped grains, with minerals added back into them (after having had them stripped out!) The nutrient …

Happy New Year All! After the excesses of Christmas season, now is as good a time as any to start as we mean to go on and take the plunge into a healthier and tastier New Year. On the menu this month…. Breakfast is known as one of the most important meals of the day, …