Becoming a member of the association

Associations are just that, groups of people brought together by a common purpose. The Hither Green Community Association can only operate because of the support and generosity of its members. Becoming a member of the association is a way of showing your support for the work of the association and gives you an opportunity to participate in committee elections and to share your views on how we should direct our energies.

Becoming a member is free.

The role of a member

The main responsibility of a member of the association is to participate in the annual general meeting (AGM) and to vote in the election of the committee. The AGM is held in October each year and the committee is required to stand down each year after which a new committee is elected.

Getting more involved

There are several ways you can become more involved in the work and leadership of the association.

Committee Membership
Any member of the community association can stand for election to the committee at the annual AGM. Committee members meet regularly to discuss the business of the association, make decisions, commit funds, and organise events. Sub committees are established from time to time to take responsibility for special projects. The annual Hither Green Festival is a good example of this and a sub-committee is created each year with specific responsibility for the organisation and delivery of this series of local events.

Co-opted Volunteer
Any member of the association can support a specific project as a co-opted volunteer. If you have qualifications or skills you’d like to volunteer then this is a great way for you to offer support without becoming a full member of the committee. We always need help from people with a range of skills and experience. If you can write a review a local business or advise on how to then even an hour of your time can be a valuable contribution.

Leaving the association

You can stop being a member at any time. Just send an email to with the subject line “Leave the association” and the names of the member(s) who would like to leave the association.