About the HGCA

The Association

The Hither Green Community Association (HGCA) is a proactive community resource for people who live and work in Hither Green and the surrounding area. The association promotes local identity, communication, activity, responsibility, business and supports a small number of community projects. The committee is made up of local volunteers and receives financial support from local residents, the local authority and a number of other charitable groups.


The association operates three notice boards. The largest is at the junction of Beacon Road and Hither Green Lane, the second is in the pedestrian tunnel at Hither Green Train Station while the third is an e-notice board maintained at this site. Local community groups, charities and businesses are welcome to submit notices for any or all of these boards. You can email your notice to us, or take a look at the notice board page for information on how to submit a notice or poster.

The Hither Green Festival is also a great opportunity for local businesses and community groups to make themselves known to their local community.


The HGCA’s main event is the Hither Green Festival, a collection of different activities and events hosted at a variety of locations across the local area. Events range from plant swaps to choral evenings, poetry to comedy nights and garden tours to the growing Hither Green Festival Fayre.

Whatever your age or background there’s something for you and your family at the Hither Green Festival.


The Hither Green Community Association collects local concerns from residents at our open meetings. These are held throughout the year and give residents and interested parties an opportunity to hear reports on what’s happened and make suggestions as to what they’d like to see the association work to achieve.

The association helps to communicate local concerns and priorities to the Police and the local authority and has strong connections with the community policing team and our local councillor and MP.

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