Street tree care this autumn

Article from Lewisham Tree CharityStreet Trees for Living’

Autumn is a great time to remove deadwood as some trees will lose all of their leaves, exposing the branches and any issues that may exist. We want to share our checklist for making sure street trees are in good condition to withstand stormy weather prevalent in the autumn and winter months. Although most trees go into dormancy in autumn and they no longer need to watered, there are things you can do to make sure your street tree is as healthy as possible.


  • The tree shouldn’t be leaning to one side. This could be a sign of a damaged trunk. The tree might need re-staking
  • Diseased or damaged branches need to be addressed as they can attract fungi, pests and spread diseases
  • Make sure the base of the tree is free of weeds

Speak to your area rep before removing any branches or if you think the street tree is suffering from a disease.

There have been some instances of fireblight in Chinese Scarlet Rowan in Forest Hill and Perry Vale Wards. Fireblight causes groups of leaves at the end of branches to dry up, curl and go brown. It happens where berries are developing towards the end of the branch. The disease affects the whole leaf, not just the edges of the leaf. Any trees from the Rosaceae family can be affected but Hawthorns are the most vulnerable to the disease.If you think one of the trees in your garden is affected and you are cutting fireblight affected branches, then you MUST disinfect your tools (methylated spirits is good for disinfecting) AND burn the affected branches. Fireblight is not airborne but can be spread by ‘dirty’ tools or from unburnt waste.

If you see a street tree near you suffering from fireblight please send an email to

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