Twelve New Street Trees for HGL

Greening Hither Green Lane- New Street Trees.
In the last two weeks, twelve shiny new street trees were planted in the lower section of HGL/Courthill Road. They were funded by NCil/Section 106 and by Hither Green Christmas trees bought by this community. They were supprted by Hither Green’s Councillors and the Lewisham Central Assembly coordinator.

Finding suitable planting spots on HGL has been a chore tbh; the cycle works a year in advance and requires multiple permissions and signed commitments from local residents. However, working with Lewisham Homes, Lewisham Street Trees for Living and the Lewisham Tree officer, these twelve trees join the other eleven trees planted on HGL over the past two years.

We’ll keep plugging away to ‘green’ HGL, but in 2022 we hope to spread the tree planting to HGL side roads and elsewhere in Hither Green (the program runs a year ahead).

The tree funding model means local communities need to contribute £300 per tree. Also, each tree needs to be adopted by residents in the immediate vicinity and to commit to watering during dry spells.

Some streets like Ardgowan and Brighside Roads contribute financially to the cost of their new trees. If you and your neighbours might like to raise money for new trees, do get in touch.

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