River Quaggy- Plans for major restoration

Quaggy Waterways Action Group (QWAG)- 31 years of action for rivers

In 2020 Qwag’s plans for their 30th anniversary didn’t go as planned (understatement!) they sre still moving on with ambitious plans for major restorations for the River Quaggy.

* Wednesday 20 January- Zoom Meeting with guest speaker Jeff Royce, chairman the Friends of Bromley Town Parks & Gardens to present on the Glassmill Millpond in central Bromley and also on Bromley Council’s green spaces strategy.

Email the QWAG team for the zoom meeting link.

* QWAG AGM – Wednesday 17 March
The Greening of South East London with Catherine Ashcroft

Meanwhile, if you would like to be their new Treasurer do contact QWAG. The same applies if you are interested in serving as a QWAG Trustee or member of the Committee. Membership fees will be issued for the AGM.

Priorities for 2021:

– The restoration of the river bank;

– A21 corridor: Qwag are also involved in a study to improve the length of the A21 – River Ravensbourne corridor between central Lewisham, Catford, Bellingham and Downham.

– River events: pandemic pending, QWAG are planning river walks and events to get more people into their local rivers. They particularly wish to hear from communities that often do not get this opportunity.

QWAG’s 3 aims in brief:

1. Restore nature: plan the next major natural restoration of the Quaggy, where this should be, who to work with and how to make it happen to contribute to the previous major restorations of the river
2. Improve river quality: help improve the ecological condition of the Quaggy and whole Ravensbourne catchment to start meeting the aims of the Water Framework Directive (WFD)
3. Have fun: help people of all ages enjoy and learn from a better, abundant urban river environment.


email: qwag@qwag.org.uk
web: www.qwag.org.uk
twitter: www.twitter.com/qwag
instagram: @QuaggyAction
facebook: www.facebook.com/QuaggyAction
Join us: www.qwag.org.uk/info/join.php

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