Lewisham: The Young Women’s Hub Fundraiser

The Young Women’s Hub in Catford has launched a fundraiser to raise awareness in the community and ensure that it can survive and grow as a charity through this crisis and beyond.

The young women’s hub is an independent school in Lewisham that makes a difference. It is a safe, calm place where young vulnerable women between the ages of 11-16 are educated at their own pace and are kept safe whilst learning valuable, transferable life skills.

The hub presents itself as a large family home, with an extended family of big sisters to help and support the young women though their journey. Some young women need short term respite, others are with them on a permanent long term journey. 

Due to the Covid 19 crisis, they have had to temporarily close the site and restructure the care and support in a completely new way so that they can help the girls remotely.

Covid-19 is having a dramatic long term effect on the charity because they rely on accepting new students throughout the year – and this time of year would normally be their busiest period. They are a very small, local charity, which means that they do not receive much financial support and often slip through the funding cracks!

More widely, the crisis will have a detrimental impact on our local community. It is essential that they continue to run in the best way that they can with their current students, as well as preparing for the increased demand in their services, which they expect when they are able to reopen.

 In the short term, they need to raise money so that they can provide food and supplies vouchers to their young women and their families during the Covid-19 crisis.

They also need to also ensure that we can keep up with their general overhead and maintenance costs, as well as providing mentoring and educational services remotely.

For the long term, they have big plans to develop their services to the young women, and more widely their families too.
They would love to be able to make some exciting steps towards improving the school building and equipment, as well as broadening and increasing our pastoral and therapeutic care for their students.

All donations, any amount will play a part in ensuring that they can provide the most caring and essential services to some of the most vulnerable young women in our community!

 Thank you for your support,

The Young Women’s Hub Team.

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