More Hither Green Lane Street Trees!

Hither Green Lane Street Trees. 10 new trees went in this winter funded by Section 106 developers fees awarded to Hither Green and supported by local people, businesses and councillors. It’s been a real community partnership between us and the Lewisham based Street Trees for Living Charity.

At this very moment Lewisham’s Tree Officer is working with local residents to scan HGL, looking for spots for another few trees. If you are aware of a spot we should scan- please answer below. We want these trees to be our legacy to future residents of our town.

ALSO- three years ago, you may recall a couple of residents produced a Google map of missing street trees (gone through age or damage). A list was made of 10 or 20 empty tree pits.
Does anyone:
1. Still have access to that map?
2. Know of empty pits on their streets which could be replanted pleas?
Again, you can answer here or email

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