Upcoming Road Closures: Healthy Neighbourhood Pilot

Please come along to the Lewisham Central Assembly
Thursday 16 January
7-9pm at St Swithun’s Church Hall, St Swithun’s Road SE13 6RW
We’ve asked for the venue to be in Hither Green to get as many local people there as possible.

On the Agenda:
1. The Healthy Neighbourhood Traffic Calming pilot scheme
All the Councillors will be there, as will Lewisham Highways.
If you have opinions about the upcoming trial, this the time to take them off line and present them to people with answers.

The consultations about the new traffic scheme took place in Lee Green ward, and so there are roads immediately outside the trial area which have not been consulted and so many people will be unaware of the changes (Ennersdale Road, Hither Green Lane).

Please let your neighbours know about the meeting.

click to zoom into the project map

2. NCIL Funding

The second major topic at the meeting ill be ideas for spending NCIL funds ( Section 106 as was) which is made up from developers fees in the ward. There is almost £90k to decide upon.

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  1. andrew phillips
    January 15, 2020

    I live in Manor Lane band . There have been no consultation whatsoever. heard by word of mouth

    • You arent alone.
      The mess made of the notification has tainted the project.
      Claiming that the trial scheme _is_ the consultation isnt good enough.

    July 14, 2020

    Hi, I was really pleased to see the road closure on leahurst yesterday. It has really reduced the flow of cars and it feels quieter and safer for the kids. I walked past today and someone had smashed and moved the box.
    And cars were trying to sneak through.
    I’d suggest you use stronger fixings if bollards.

  3. Nic B
    July 16, 2020

    I have lived in hither green for over 20 years ( George Lane) . The new ‘traffic calming measures’ were certainly NOT widely publicised or consulted on. Having tried in recent days to navigate my way to Sainsbury’s in Lee, and various family members the other side of what has essentially become a ‘gated community’ – I think it has forced every car in the area onto the trunk roads. This is making the flow of traffic heavier, and journeys longer…even at midday it feels more like rush hour…. which will be total gridlock in a few months when the schools are all back and we are trying to get to work or go about more normal business.
    It will essentially cause a lot more pollution along all the main roads.
    It is inconvenient, unnecessary and I imagine we will all have to put up with it for 18 months, but I would like to be able to have a say in not making it permanent. How can we monitor how the traffic measures are being data analysed by the council?
    Can someone signpost me in the direction of who to speak to about this?

    July 21, 2020

    It does appear that the PEOPLE were not asked about these road closures. Don’t forget we are all paying for this so called Healthy Living project, because the money has to come from some where. These so called experts should have been more in tune with how London as a whole works, and not pamper to a few. A lot of these roads should be made “one way”. We were not asked if a road “closure” or a “one way” would be the best solution. Making road closures simply pushes traffic else where. SP

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