Enjoy Pilates and feel the difference!

Why bother with Pilates?

*** Because it works! ***

Pilates is designed to strengthen your core muscles which can help ease back pain, Pilates moves all the joints through their range of movement helping ease tightness and helping you move more freely, and I also incorporate exercises to strengthen the upper body which not only tone those muscles but can make it easier to respond to your day to day demands.

Pilates is a mindful exercise practice which means we focus on what is happening in the current moment. By checking in with the body we calm the stressed out nervous system, and get real time feedback about what’s happening during the exercise which makes it safe & effective, challenging & relaxing.

But as with so many things, you have to do it to really get what Pilates is all about and feel the difference for yourself. 

All classes are ability specific, ie for beginners, improvers or intermediates. 

Classes on offer are:
– Level 1 Pilates for complete beginners
– Level 2 Pilates for improvers (you know the basics)
– Level 3 Pilates for intermediates (you’re confident in your Pilates practice)

– Postnatal Pilates/Pelvic Floor Health for women who are recovering from pregnancy and childbirth, and those whose PF muscles need strengthening

General Pilates classes are suitable for women & men aged 16+

The Autumn Term is starting this week. Do join us:
Go to Class Timetable

Want a sneak peak? Here’s a short Pilates session for the abs & core 🙂
GOT ANY QUESTIONS OR SUGGESTIONS? I’m always delighted to hear from you!  Contact me via my website www.kn-pilates.com

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