Open Your Garden this summer – Sunday 26 May!

Open Gardens- Sunday 26 May: Open Your Garden this summer!
This is the 11th year of  Open Gardens and it is always such a lovely afternoon!  We’re looking for new people and new gardens to join in!  Gardens in HG come in all sizes and styles and we’d love to showcase more of them. 
Everyone involved is a local resident, no one is looking for manicured lawns and hot tubs! Visitors will have similar gardens and they just want to see what is possible in a suburban garden. What you’ve done with your child’s trampoline and swing set? What you’ve done to attract wildlife to your space?!

You can sell a few cuttings, and some cake too! If you wish to take part this year, please drop an email to You can also get in touch if you would like to speak to people who have previously opened their gardens for advice/ reassurance!

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