2018 AGM Updates

During our AGM this year we undertook to post several pieces of information on a range of topics. We’ll follow up with a full set of minutes but wanted to get these promised items published as soon as possibe.

Hither Green Cinema

Some sad news from the Hither Green Cinema team, who will be taking a hiatus in 2019 to re-evaluate demand given several new cinemas are to be built in the area. But they’re not finished yet!

Christmas Hither Green Cinema Showings
Saturday 8th December
Arthur Christmas: 3.00pm
Ladywell Baths (Local documentary): 7:15pm
It’s a Wonderful Life: 8.00pm
Buy tickets here

FUSS Christmas Fair

The marvellous folk at FUSS will hold their Hither Green Christmas Fair at the start of December.

Saturday 1st Decemeber
Noon through 5.00pm
Location: Staplehurst Road.

Ella Roberta Foundation

A reminder about the 2018 Children’s Concert.

Saturday 24th November
5.00pm through 7.00pm
St Swithun’s on Hither Green Lane

Improvements to Hither Green Lane

The much-hoped for improvement scheme will not be going ahead. There is some opportunity to secure smaller projects such as a new crossing by responding to the consultation on Lewisham’s Local Implementation Plan or LIP.

Simon Moss, an officer of Lewisham Council, invited residents to respond to Lewisham’s consultation on their Local Implementation Plan. More information can be found here, along with a link to the consultation in the middle of the page. Respondents can and should identify areas of concern. One idea floated at the meeting was to have a signal crossing instead of a zebra crossing west of the junction of Hither Green Lane and Ennersdale Road.

This is your best current opportunity to influence Lewisham’s decision making in terms of road network improvements.

Survey on Hither Green Lane improvement ideas

We agreed to collect ideas from the community about what sort of smaller works they would like to see delivered for Hither Green Lane now we know the large scheme will not go ahead. You can contribute to that by clicking here.

Responding to the proposed development on Radford Road

Cllr Reid explained that Lewisham’s policies protect family homes, of which there is a shortage in the borough. The policy document she referred to is here. It is called the Development Management Local Plan or DMLP. You may wish to refer to section 2.2 which is reproduced in full below. This section addresses the ‘Prevention of loss of existing housing’

Prevention of loss of existing housing
1. The Council will only grant planning permission for the loss of housing by demolition, redevelopment or change of use in the following circumstances:
a. the proposed redevelopment would result in housing gain which regenerate and replace older housing estates in line with an agreed plan or strategy
b. the land or premises are allocated for another use in an adopted Local Plan
c. a change of use to a local community service or facility is proposed that meets an identified need
d. an economic viability study confirms that the dwelling(s) cannot be rehabilitated to a satisfactory standard at reasonable cost
e. evidence shows that environmental problems are such that demolition and redevelopment is the only effective option.

Hither Green Station Improvements

There’s currently no approved or funded scheme in place to deliver the much-needed access works at Hither Green Station. An open letter was sent recently by both MPs (The station is on the border of two constituencies). We will publish that separately.

During the AGM we explained that securing improvements at the station will take months and most likely years. If you would us to email you when we have more information about how you can help please complete this form.

Air Quality

Pollution and specifically air pollution was a popular topic at the AGM. We undertook to ask Lewisham the following questions.

What information is collected about air pollution and pollutants is collected in Lewisham?
How granular and detailed is the information?
Where is the information published?
If the information is not published, we will request a copy and that it be published in future.

Simon Moss referred to an air quality app for Lewisham. You can find out more about that here.

Our thanks to all who attended the meeting on Wednesday!

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