Lewisham Central Assembly meeting – Tuesday 9th October 2018

Lewisham Central Assembly meeting
Tuesday 9th October
7pm to 9pm
at Lewisham Methodist Church Hall, Albion Way, SE13 6BT.
The Lewisham Central Assembly is an open community meeting that takes place three times a year. The assembly is a place where you and others can work together with your local Councillors, the police, local organisations and the wider community to make Lewisham Central a better place to live, work and learn.

What’s on the agenda at this meeting?

1) Police Safer Neighbourhood Update – Get report from the police on their activities in recent months and raise any issues you may have.

2) Lewisham Democracy Review – you will receive a report on the first stages of the Council’s review of how best to work with residents, increasing their involvement in decision-making through a more open and transparent process. The review team is keen to hear the voices of as many people as possible. So do come along on 9th October for your first opportunity to share your views with us.

3) Consultation on Section106 for Hither Green.
Funds are available from local developments to support the community under Section 106 (what’s called “planning gain”). There is money to be spent on infrastructure project to improve Hither Green area. It’s your chance to contribute ideas on what projects might best serve the area.

4) Presentation of bids to the Assembly fund – Your chance to find out what projects are bidding for a share of the Assembly fund this year and decide which ones gets funded.

5) Community update and any other business at the assembly – is also your chance to tell people what’s happening in your area. If you would like to update the assembly on anything, please let us know and we will try to give you a forum to promote your news.

If you cannot attend the meeting but would like to give your views, contact Ade Joseph, Lewisham Central Assembly Coordinator on 020 8314 6026 or by emailing adeyinka.joseph@lewisham.gov.uk

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