HG Nature Triangle Pond is being refurbished.

Photo: A couple of brave volunteers in the rain by the new pond

It might not look like much at the moment, but this is the new pond in Hither Green Triangle! Come the summer all of the coir rolls that were planted will grow up, and this will be an amazing haven for wildlife. We already know there is lots of life in this pond, we just hope that they will enjoy there new surroundings and that others will be encouraged to join them! Just of of shot on the right there is also a hibernaculum adding to the variety on creatures we may find there.

The Friends of Hither Green Triangle held a work day with Nature’s Gym at the weekend clearing the banks and helping improve the meadows. We all got very wet but this is such a wonderful site, nobody really minded. We plan to go back in the new year to carryout more work.


Article Link: https://natureconservationlewisham.co.uk/2018/10/09/a-very-wet-day-in-hither-green-triangle/


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