Volunteers Wanted: Manor House Garden Festival

**Volunteers needed**

Hi Hither Greeners!

The Manor House Garden Festival is booked in for Saturday June 23rd between 12 and 8pm!

It’s a fun day for local residents and families to come together in the park. There will be music, food, drinks and games.

Each year we need to find volunteers willing to help out by stewarding on the gates for an hour – your job will be to welcome people, point them in the right direction and sell raffle tickets. The day will be broken down into hour slots, so no one should need to do more than an hour each.

It’s only with local volunteers that we can hold events like this for the local community.

If anyone is keen to help out, or has any questions, please let me know here or by emailing me on alex_burr_@hotmail.com.

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