Green Hither Green- 4 Perfect Areas to Get Fit This Summer!

Hither Green is absolutely stunning and one of the greenest areas in South East London. In fact, it is my favourite area in London, not just because I am a resident, but because it is perfect for my family and the dog and fantastic for my job and my hobby.

Being a personal trainer means it is very important to keep myself and my family active and healthy. Hither Green is the perfect place to accomplish these goals. It is filled with beautiful parks, fields, hills and playgrounds.

In this article I’m going to tell you about the perfect training spots to help keep yourself active.

1. If You Are a Runner…

There are two types or runners – park runners and pavement runners. Hither Green can accommodate both.

I am a pavement runner. I love running through the streets in Hither Green and the variety of available routes from which I am able to choose. One of my favourite routes is starting from the station on Springbank Road, taking a right on Brightside Road or Elthruda Road; it’s a great hill for sprints or a slow jog to build up your stamina. Once I get to Hither Green Lane I take a left towards Mountfield Park, run across the park down to Lewisham High Street all the way to Courthill Road, another steep and long hill up all the back to where I started.

But if you are park runner – Mountfield Park is the place. There are a couple of great routes. You can run a small round and a big round, both rounds include hill runs that will get your heart pumping. Another spectacular park is Manor Park Gardens. A pleasure for your eyes and soul. Manor Park Gardens is a much bigger park. And if you have more time you can run both parks as there is a only short distance between the two of them.

2. If You Have Kids…

Sometimes people find it difficult to exercise if they have kids.

Thankfully, Hither Green has so many playgrounds that this can be done easily. All you need is a little bit of imagination. Small Manor Park has a very nice gated play area for kids. Doing some resistance band exercises or body weight stuff is easy, because the playground itself is not huge and this means it is very easy to keep an eye on your child.
Mountfield Park has a gated playground for kids as well. The playground is huge and it gets busy, but it has a massive open field where you can play ball games with your child, this way, get active together.

Manor Park Gardens offers a beautiful gated playground with a coffee shop on the side, just make sure you keep an eye on your child as the playground is really big.

The park has a large gated space where dogs are not allowed so you can play with your child and get as active as you want without worrying about dog poop!

3. If You Have a Dog…

I found that one of the best places to train if you have a dog is the football pitch just behind Mountfield Park. It is usually quiet and empty (except on weekend mornings).

The field is so big that even if anyone else is there you won’t get in each other’s way. You can do running, sprinting and body weight activities or even bring your own equipment. Always make sure you have your dog under control and especially don’t forget to collect what your dog might leave behind.

4. If You Are Interested in General Fitness…

Hither Green has fantastic tennis and basketball courts, football pitches, table tennis facilities and an outdoor gym located in Mountfield Park. There are also yoga classes, Northern walks, and Tai-chi available. For more information about the classes you can take a look at the Hither Green website, it is packed with great information and it is very easy to browse.

If you are not ready to start a class or play sports you can start from the very basics and just do some gentle walking. Hither Green streets are well maintained and if you want a change of landscape try and walk to our beautiful neighbourhoods in Blackheath or Ladywell. Both areas are beautiful and have a lot to offer!

Be Active!

I hope now you have a better idea about being active. Get on your feet and start exploring our lovely neighbourhood Hither Green. When you have so many parks around you it would be a shame not to use them.

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