London Air Quality: The ULEZ Consultation – respond by 28 Feb

What is the ULEZ?

  • The ULEZ starts in central London in April 2019. It will operate 24/7 and apply strict emission standards for nearly all diesel vehicles.
  • The Mayor’s proposals would see these standards introduced London-wide for heavy vehicles from 2020. This includes buses, coaches and lorries.
  • The same standards would apply in inner London for lighter vehicles (eg cars, vans) from 2021.
  • As a consequence there will be significant emissions reductions to a wider area of London. There would be a 20 per cent reduction in NOx emissions London-wide in 2020. In inner London, there would be a 30 per cent reduction in NOx in 2021.
  • In 2021 there will be over 100,000 fewer people living in areas exceeding legal NO2limits London-wide (77 per cent reduction London-wide, 96 per cent reduction in Outer London). There will be 71 per cent fewer schools in areas exceeding legal limits.

The ULEZ consultation closes on the 28th February. After that date you will not have the chance to have your say on the ULEZ.

Follow the link below to have your say NOW:

Official ULEZ Consultation

London Plan Consultation

The London Plan is the strategic planning document for London. There is an indication that air quality is important in the new plan. It sets out an integrated framework for the development of London through to 2041. Although air quality does feature in a number of policies, there is some way to go before developers bring it on board. It is a fact that air pollution is causing irreversible lung damage and is a public health emergency that is only growing in proportions, and this needs to be reflected in the policies.
Our Briefing on The London Plan
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