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Lewisham’s Public Health Directorate is working hard to tackle issues around obesity  from multiple angles.

1. They are now on Twitter: @DPHDanny

2. This first Lewisham Obesity Alliance newsletter s a treasure trove of ideas and information. It gives a brief overview of what is being done locally to tackle obesity and also gives the contact details of Good Food Lewisham and some of the other initiatives and partners in the borough. 
Feel free to copy and share any information!

3. Would you like to attend the next Lewisham Obesity Alliance meeting at Lewisham Town Hall?
Date: Thursday 1st February 2018
Venue: Lewisham Homes, Old Town Hall, Catford Road, SE6 4RU

4. The Alliance is keen to meet and work with local groups, businesses. To submit news, events or stories please e-mail

Lewisham Obesity Alliance 2018 meeting dates

Making obesity everybody’s business:
A whole system approach to obesity

Preventing and tackling obesity is complicated and is influenced by many factors. Read more



Lewisham’s plan to tackle obesity

The Lewisham Obesity Action Plan has 3 main overarching aims:

  • Promote an environment that supports healthy weight and wellbeing as the norm, making it easier for our residents to choose healthier diets and active lifestyles
  • Supporting our communities and families to become healthier and more resilient, which will include addressing the wider determinants of health
  • Tackle the weight issues of those who are already overweight and obese

The three key actions to create healthy environments are as follows:

Sugar Smart Lewisham

  • Encourage schools across the borough to take up The Daily Mile
  • Increase the use of Lewisham Parks
  • Read more about Lewisham’s priority areas for tackling obesity.

Whole system approach to obesity: where are we at in Lewisham?
A series of stakeholder meetings have been held in partnership with Leeds Beckett University to support with joining up and linking actions at a local level.  The work from our meetings is being used to develop a step by step guide (referred to as a route map) to creating a local approach to tackling obesity.  We are now approaching phase 5, the final phase of the Route Map

Latest childhood obesity levels in Lewisham (2016/17)

In October this year, the latest figures for childhood obesity levels in Lewisham showed that 22% of children in reception year and 39% of children in year 6 are above a healthy weight. Read here for details on Lewisham’s childhood obesity levels.


Lewisham schools running for success with The Daily Mile

The Daily Mile is an initiative spearheaded by Elaine Wyllie in Stirling, where primary school children spend 15 minutes every day running, walking or jogging a mile.

Alongside the obvious benefits to physical health, reports have also shown an improvement in focus in the classroom as well as on academic performance.

Can you influence schools in Lewisham to take up The Daily Mile? You may have connections with a school e.g. work for a school or have children or know families with school children. Please if you can help to encourage more schools to take part in this fantastic simple initiative.

Read more about the benefits of The Daily Mile in Lewisham schools.

Lewisham ParkLife

Many of Lewisham’s parks and open spaces have been awarded Green Flag status. However, only 13.2% of Lewisham adults make use of outdoor space for exercise or health reasons. Lewisham Parklife allows residents of any age or ability to browse activities that other users have listed and sign up to take part.
Over 40 activities are listed on the website some of which include, football, yoga, walking and cycling.
Event organisers who are looking for people to join physical activities can set a time and place, and state the number of people required and what ability or level is needed. To find out more visit


Good Food Lewisham partnership

Lewisham has established a partnership of community members, public and voluntary services to help secure a healthier and sustainable food future for the borough.The aim of the Good Food partnership is to transform the food environment as part of the whole system approach to obesity, reducing health inequalities and improving the health outcomes of residents.
The partnership developed action plans to help address a wide range of issues, including access to healthy foods,building community knowledge and skills, food waste,procurement and food poverty. For more information visit .

Click here for more information on Good Food Lewisham meetings.

Revised dietary recommendations and new example menus for Early Years providers

In the last few years changes in government dietary
advice have been made,
for example:

  1. energy recommendations have been set lower than previously for 1 – 5 year olds
  2. maximum (lower) sugar levels have been set
  3. recommendations for vitamin D intake have been re-endorsed

Read more here about the changes and to see the new example menus.

Change4Life 2018 Campaign

Change4Life is launching a new nutrition campaign in January 2018
The Public Health England Campaign Resource Centre
has everything you need to deliver health campaigns on a local level.


Sugar Smart Lewisham

Becoming a Sugar Smart borough was one of the key actions identified to help create a healthy ‘environment’, which stemmed from the work on adopting a whole system approach to tackling obesity.

In the latest phase of the campaign Sir Steve Bullock,Mayor of Lewisham called on residents to lobby local businesses and organisations to join the campaign.

To see how residents can pledge to support the campaign by lobbying and how businesses can join Sugar Smart visit  Sugar Smart Lewisham. 

Calling all community groups to participate in
the new Big Half and The Little Half Event

Organisations in Lewisham are offered the opportunity to take part in a brand new London Marathon event that is taking place on 4th March 2018.

The Big Half Festival consists of several races and fun runs through the streets of Greenwich, Southwark, Tower Hamlets and Lewisham.
Read more. 

School caterer Chartwells promote Sugar Smart across
70 schools in Lewisham.

Catering for 14,000 children in 70 schools across Lewisham, Chartwells has a responsibility to help tackle the high level of childhood obesity, by providing nutritious meals and encouraging healthy eating habits to the children across the borough.
Chartwells in Lewisham have also signed up to be a “Sugar Smart” organisation making a total of eleven pledges. Read more. 

Healthwatch Lewisham educate school children on
key healthy eating messages 

Healthwatch Lewisham is delivering a healthy eating project entitled Food for Thought across schools in Lewisham. Read more. 

New 1Life Community ‘Fit Bus’ helps to tackle physical inactivity and social isolation amongst older residents.

In 2018 the 1life Community Fit bus will be out and about in Downham, Whitefoot, Catford South and Grove Park to transport older isolated people from an identified hub close to them, to an exercise session in one of the wards
Read more. 

Lewisham Maternity Services achieve UNICEF Baby Friendly Accreditation

Breastfeeding improves the health and wellbeing of both mothers and babies. Evidence shows that for both mother and baby, in the longer term, breastfeeding reduces the risk of obesity.Read more. 

 Lewisham secures fourth place in the annual Good Food for London Report (2017)

The Good Food for London report measures progress and encourages London councils to take action on good food. It measures action on 11 different good food measures, from food growing, encouraging breastfeeding.

*** Course places available***  “How to run a cookery club” – OCN accredited 12 week course

This course offers participants the opportunity to learn how to set up and run a cookery club.The course runs over 12 weeks (term time only) starting in January 2018 for 3 hours each week.

Click here for more details on the course content and booking information.



Newsletter by: Lakhvinder Matharu


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