NEW: Food Waste Caddies

Changes to rubbish and recycling collection

Hither green rubbish and recycling collections are changing in October.

What’s changing: 

Free weekly food waste collection. The Council are going to start recycling your food waste. In October we will be introducing free weekly food waste collection for people who live in a house or flat in a converted house.

Fortnightly black bin collection. From October we will empty your black bin every two weeks. Your black bin is for rubbish that cannot be recycled in your green bin or food waste bin.

Collection day. We will collect your black rubbish bin, green recycling bin and silver food waste bin on the same day. If you subscribe to the garden waste service, we will also collect this on the same day.

Who is affected by the changes? If you have your own rubbish and recycling wheelie bins (mostly people who live in a house, or a flat in a converted house), you will get the new food waste service and your black bin collections will change to fortnightly.



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