Lee Forum: Concerns about Air Pollution

Concerns about dangerous levels of air pollution in the forum area were recorded in the forum’s survey.

You can type your postcode here to see pollution levels on your street. Government and councils are legally bound to reduce dangerous air pollution levels.

Upcoming measures affecting Lee Forum’s Area

– the Mayor of London proposes future public consultation on an ‘ultra low emission zone’ for heavy diesel vehicles in ‘nearly all of Greater London’ but for light diesel vehicles only up to the north / south circulars from 2020/21.

– as a result local people have expressed concern that the south circular (forum’s southern boundary) will become busier; long term parking in the area will increase; local train stations will become busier; camera gantries will be positioned locally.

– this petition to be presented at the London Assembly’s June meeting asks that the proposed ultra low emission zone cover Greater London for all vehicles.

– this petition to Government asks that diesel vehicles be ditched entirely.

Upcoming changes affecting driving to Central London

– vehicles not meeting minimum emission standards will pay a £10 T charge driving into the congestion charge area from 23 October 2017. These standards tighten to stricter ultra low emission standards April-September 2019

This map shows the congestion charge area, north/south circulars and what’s mean by ‘nearly all Greater London’

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