Community RoadWatch- Volunteers wanted!

The Lewisham Police Safer Transport Team is seeking  community volunteers for its  Community Roadwatch Scheme.

The main objective of the scheme is to reduce the speed of vehicles in a location which either has a history of collisions, or where a community concern has been raised.

Every month Lewisham Safer Transport will send details of up and coming events- Volunteers can choose a date that suits them and reply with a confirmation.

Please note that volunteers are not obliged to stay for the duration of the session and they can leave at any time. Sessions last 1-2 hours. The scheme is open to anyone over 18.


What is the volunteer role during this Community Roadwatch event?

Volunteer’s will stand on the pavement enabling motorists to see them from a distance away. They will use the equipment to monitor the speed of passing vehicles, and will note down the details of those exceeding the guidelines. Volunteers will be accompanied by a Police Community Support Officer throughout the session.


On the event day

Volunteers will be asked to sign a disclaimer before starting the event. Police will then supply them with a fluorescent jacket. The officers will then go through the process with them. At the event volunteers will be shown how to use the speed gun and what details of the vehicles need to be recorded on the record sheet.


What happens after the event

Police will send the offender vehicle details to the RoadSafe London Team who will then send a warning letter to the registered keeper. In an event where by an offender has been picked up more than twice no further letters will be sent and they will be considered for targeted enforcement.

The team would like to run more Roadwatch schemes over the Borough but unfortunately only have limited volunteers so far.

Is there a road you would like to suggest in relation to vehicles speeding? Would you like to be a volunteer? Or do you know anyone who would like to be a part of this scheme?


If interested in participating or if you have any queries please email


Kind Regards


PC Steven Raven

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  1. a Clarke
    August 16, 2017

    Why cannot the PCSOs do this job without volunteers and actually hand out fines and points?

    • Money, people power… resources!
      The Lewisham Central neighbourhood team has been reorganised and lost sergeants and other Met Police personnel.
      Budget cuts have hit significantly.

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