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For the past several weeks, I’ve been preparing training material for a FREE online class teaching women like yourself how they can lose weight from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

The training is now ready, and I wanted to take a few minutes to personally invite you for my upcoming online class,

“How to DROP 2 SIZES in Just 12 WEEKS by Eating MORE, Ditching the Gym, AND Keep the Weight off…PERMANENTLY”.

Sounds great, right?

YOU were the inspiration for this training. Yes, you.F You see, I decided to host this FREE online event after seeing so many women like yourself struggling with the same thing.

I love the women I work with every day at the gym, but I wanted to find a way to help more of them. Because when I see the radical changes that take place in my client’s life when they begin to drop the extra pounds, I can’t help thinking how many other women out there should be experiencing that same success.

When I personally curbed my yo-yo dieting habit and took control of my life and my health, everything in my life changed. It’s time for more women to have the opportunity to look better, feel better, and have the life they deserve!

That is the reason behind this class, and I know you’re going to find the information presented in it extremely valuable.

During this LIVE online event next Wednesday, I’ll be teaching on:

…How To INCREASE the amount of food you eat and still lose weight

…Short home-based workouts that will trim inches off your body

…Key MINDSET techniques to use to retrain your brain and KEEP your results

So if you want to learn how to quickly shed pounds and inches from the privacy of your own home, make plans to join me for this FREE online 45-minute training class.

How to DROP 2 SIZES in Just 12 WEEKS by Eating MORE, Ditching the Gym,AND Keep the Weight off…PERMANENTLY

When: Wednesday, October 26th
Time: 8pm GMT (3pm EST)
Register Your Seat At: https://fitandflourish.com/webinar

To your health!

Samantha Hadfield

PS. Do you know of someone else who wants to learn more about they can lose weight and drop inches fast? Forward them this email and have her join us!


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