Manor House Library- will now open just 20 Hours per week.
Report from the Friends Group.
In spite of meeting with council officers responsible for the library service only last Wednesday afternoon, the information that has gone out to the public has changed.
From 17th October library opening hours at the Manor House will NOT be 24 during the “Interim Period” but 20. We had no prior notice of the reduction from 24 hours per week.
We have e-mailed Ms Dart to ascertain why this has been changed at short notice.
Please make sure you post this change, circulate the information to all contacts where necessary. Leaflets of opening hours are availabe at the Manor House and you may wish to use the opportunity to say farewell to your favourite staff.
We have a building restored at great public expense, by all residents of Lewisham, with a mortgage of £122,000 pa until 2049.

regards to all,

Patricia Richardson (Users and Friends of Manor House Library

Torridon Road Library is changing
At a meeting of Lewisham Council’s Mayor and Cabinet on the 13th July 2016 it was agreed that The Archibald Corbett Society working with The Corbett Residents Association be approved as the preferred partners for managing the Torridon Road Building.
As a result The Archibald Corbett Community Library, Arts and Heritage Centre will re-open the Library on Monday 24th October, 2016 at 9am.
Between 10th October and 24th October, books can be returned
through the letterbox.
Volunteering: GThe new library team would welcome help in the following areas:on the reception desk, shelving, working with children/adults, running a group/activity/community cafe
or in any other area. They are also open to any ideas you might have for activities or events we could run from the Library.
Please call: 020 8314 3712 or email:

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