Springbank Rd Garden is ready for judging!

Geums, valerian and roses are making the garden look very bright and colourful at the moment. Thank you to everyone who came to help prepare the garden for the RHS London in Bloom judges who arrive early next month!
We had a lovely few hours cutting back, hoiking out weeds and shaping wayward shrubs.
SpringbankGarden_June_2016 032 SpringbankGarden_June_2016 036

There were a few jokes about neatly trimmed bushes (sorry), but also lots of chatting with passers-by grateful that the garden cheers up the walk to the station. Before the rain, we were also watered by Arlo & Moe (we do things properly don’t you know!)
It’s a genuine community garden- with plant donations coming from gardens from almost every street in Hither Green. We have a couple of ‘bald’ areas and so more plants are always welcome! (we’ll be having an extra last minute planting session on or around the 25th June)

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