Eat Well: It’s time to make the change

Looking after your body is very important for your general and heart health. Eating healthily is a good place to start and can greatly reduce your risk of getting heart disease or having a stroke.

Healthy Eating Event! Wednesday 29 June @ The Calabash Centre

  Add years to your life.Bust the myths and reverse the trend.Hear Dr Joan St John, Dr Ngozi Uduku and Anita McKenzie give the facts, answer the questions you have been wanting to ask and get tips and advice about managing obesity, diabetes and other related health risks and healthy eating.


Believe it or not the meals below are tasty healthy options.

Healthy and  Tasty  Dinner Recipes  


Jollof rice and chicken

Macaroni and cheese

Steamed Snapper

There are loads of different myths and old wives tales about dieting, but healthy eating doesn’t require odd ingredients or overdosing on garlic.

Simple Steps.  Making small changes to the way you prepare and cook your food and watching your portion sizes can help you eat more healthily and lose weight.

Educate yourself. What might come as a surprise is that we get most of our salt from processed foods. So while it’s a great idea to take the salt shaker off the dinner table, getting familiar with food labels is just as important to help make healthy choices.

Walk More. Join our healthy walks in Mountsfield Park Saturdays at 11am

Tip: Slowly reduce the amount of salt you add each day, and try adding more herbs and spices to bump up the flavour of your favourite dishes.

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty”

Maya Angelou

Healthy Salads and Dessert

Pigeon pea salad

Avocado and papaya salad



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