Lee Manor Society- March Open Mtg- 9 March

Date of next meeting
Our next meeting will be held from 7.30 pm on Wednesday 9 March at the Community Centre, Leegate.
1.   Welcome.
2.   Apologies
3.   Matters arising from our meeting on 10 February not covered below.
4.   New Brown Bin Scheme
5.   Planning issues
6.   Ice House
7.   Manor House Gardens Festival – 18 June
8.   Update on CPZ
9.   Plant Mart – 14 May
10. AGM – 18 May
11. Date of next meeting – proposed Wednesday 13 April
12. Any other business.
Ad hoc modest donations of refreshments will be appreciated!
Notes from our meeting on 10 February
Please click through to our web site for notes from our meeting on 10 February.
The Manor House and Library
A report of Lee Green Assembly Working Party meeting with Lewisham Council is available on the web site.

Also available is a pen profile of the Manor house, and we


be grateful if you would circulate this to friends, neighbours and colleagues and, especially, organisations that may be interested to take a stake in the Manor House.

Lee Green West CPZ:  be careful for what you wish …
This is currently being signed and road marked.  Already, unforeseen problems are arising such as the loss of perfectly satisfactory kerb-edge parking to yellow lines.  Let us know your experiences and we can compile a full commentary.
Lee Fair Share Time Tickers –  High Impact Walking Group
The LFS TIme Bank has started the High Impact Walking Group for people who like a longer walk to places further afield than those they already do in the local parks.  The programme has already started and remaining walks in this series plus contact details can be here.
The walks are free and form part of a Lee Fair Share’s Health and Well Being project which is funded by a small grant from the National Lottery.  More information about Time Banking and the walks and other LFS activities is also available on the LFS website
​With regards,
Ralph White
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