Macbeth at The Broadway Theatre: Shakespeare Season

Macbeth is a short, intense, psychological thriller in which ghosts, murder, and copious amounts of blood abound. Though it doesn’t contain the body count of some of Shakespeare’s tragedies, it is nevertheless one of his most brutal plays.

This winter, the Broadway Studio Theatre, Catford will set the play in a world which extols traditional gender roles and explore how, in Macbeth, masculine values are slowly corrupted and ultimately eroded by the ‘soft’ power of the females of the play.

Lady Macbeth, Lady Macduff, and Malcolm (cross-cast) will also double as the witches of the piece. It is the witches’ actions, as female outcasts from male dominated society, who manage (with or without the supernatural) to turn Macbeth from a loyal vital soldier into a savage, slaughtering animal.

This new production is directed by Asia Osborne.


Wed 10th FEB 2pm Wed 10th FEB 7.30pm Thu 11th FEB 2pm Thu 11th FEB 7.30pm Fri 12th FEB 7.30pm Sat 13th FEB 7.30pm Sun 14th FEB 3pm
Wed 17th FEB 7.30pm Thu 18th FEB 7.30pm Fri 19th FEB 7.30pm Sat 20th FEB 7.30pm Sun 21st FEB 3pm

Adults £15.00 Concessions £10.00
Wed/Thu Matinees Adults £10.00
Groups £8.00

Location: The Broadway Theatre, Catford Rd, London SE6 4RU

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