Rox Burger Review

UPDATE:  January 22, 2016

 on Lee High Road has just been voted as the best burgers in London! #LewishamsFinest! 🙂 ???

First Published on September 3rd 2014.

Beer. Wine. Cocktails. These are the 3 new additions to the already fabulous Rox Burger menu. Each has been carefully selected for its USP to include a gluten free lager, a Brazilian beer made with leaves – leaves! – local brews, a century old prosecco, organic wines & the most carefully crafted & beautifully aesthetic signature cocktails.


And it was the aesthetic that first caught my eye back at the beginning of June before Rox Burger opened. On my daily march down the Lee High Road I began to notice that number 82 was having a makeover… Homely wooden panelling appeared, followed by on-trend exposed lighting & some design classic steel-framed chairs. A winning combination of super cool but welcoming. And then the menu went up in the window. It was photographed, tweeted & texted to Davies & a visit was inevitable.


The Rox approach to food is simple – ingredients are fresh (nothing frozen, nothing day-old), dishes are homemade – classics with a twist & always ‘seasoned with love’! And it’s clear from tasting the burgers – & the signature parmesan & oregano Rox fries… & the freshly squeezed homemade still lemonade for that matter! – that these guys know their stuff.


Fabrizio (talented chef & general head honcho) & Marcella (fabulous interiors & commercial brain) bring their extensive hospitality experience to the Lee High Road from central London via Brazil. Desserts & cocktails have a Brazilian twist & the combination of burger ingredients is certainly owed to pallet beyond the British. The use of avocado is a definite favourite of mine & the variety of burger options (including Rox Classic, Rox Salad, Rox Chorizo, Rox Sun) are available in either chicken or beef. And the chicken burger – not just a fillet in a bun – is made from freshly minced chicken (only minced once ordered) & is without a doubt the best burger I’ve ever tasted. Fellow Rox-regulars would heartily disagree & vote the Rox beef as the best burger ever. Chicken or beef, chicken or beef is the regular Rox row.


And the row extends beyond number 82 as Rox burgers are available for take out. In a holistic approach to the Rox experience all packaging is of course aesthetic & comes with green credentials. Future plans also include home delivery within the immediate vicinity. A perfect excuse for sheer laziness!


But back inside Rox the new drinks menu, courtesy of Artur (cocktail extraordinaire & vodka connoisseur) is the perfect accompaniment to your Rox burger – whether chicken or beef! – & the mojito certainly comes highly recommended. While it was the design aesthetic that first attracted us to Rox Burger it’s definitely the quality of the food & drinks & the friendliness of the team that keeps us going back time & time again. While we were out for dinner last night (in a very nice small chain with an independent feel) Davies – somewhat melodramatically whilst contemplating a chicken & chorizo burger – threw down his menu & realised, ‘There’s no point ordering a burger. Anywhere. Ever, now.‘ & subsequently went for the half chicken. It’s true – no other burger even comes close!

Visit Rox Burger at 82 Lee High Road (just past Lidl as you head towards Lewisham)


Mon – closed

Tues-Sat 12noon-10pm

Sun 1pm-10pm


+44 (0)20 33724631


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Homemade Lemonade
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