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The Hither Green Homeworkers

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I’m a freelance content editor, consultant and writer who works from home, and while I love some of the perks of self-employment (going for a run whenever I fancy, not having to use the tube, Skyping long-distance colleagues with a crafty glass of Chardonnay at 5.30pm), there are others I’m not so keen on.

Without the water-cooler moments, lunch breaks and chats with colleagues office workers take for granted, freelance life can be boring (and frankly, a bit isolating).

I started the group to see what interest there was in monthly meet-ups to swap horror stories about clients, do a bit of informal networking, offer mutual support, make friends and generally take a break from our white-hot keyboards (or editing suites). Who knows, if we reach critical mass I may even look into a local co-working hub.

The group is open to local content professionals, whether they work in print, digital, social, video or audio. You can find us on Facebook.

Up the homeworkers!


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