Lee Green Open Studios – Margaret Lui Artist

Canary Wharf Earrings by Margaret at MoMo Jewellery

Margaret is a local jewellery maker who has lived in Lewisham for 22 years and is showing at Lee Green Open Studios for the fourth time.

Margaret trained with John Cass in the 1980s and as her family were growing up she went back to creating her own jewellery in 2010.  Margaret also works part time in a jewellers in East Dulwich and collaborates with them on ideas and support.

Margaret has created many wedding rings and her Viking Parallel wedding band looks like the rays from the Sun during a solar eclipse when seen from above and is very popular.   Custom orders for wedding rings are often received by Margaret.  Recently the BBC series Shetland have bought two of her rings for a new (as yet unnamed) character in the next series.

Margaret creates her jewellery at home and sometimes starts with drawings which can range from plants to wicker baskets and when she starts to work the materials come together and the jewellery is created.  Margaret takes influences from our local area including her Canary Wharf earrings (at the top of this article) and cherry blossom earrings that are based on the plants she can see from her window.   Margaret has a love of gemstones and always wants to see how the gemstones will work in her jewellery.

Momo Jewellery earrings for Lee Green Open Studios.
Momo Jewellery earrings for Lee Green Open Studios.

Margaret is showing in Trinity Secondary school in Taunton Road, SE12 and the location is number 22 on the Lee Green Open Studios map.  Margaret is also running two workshops (each Saturday 10.00 to 12.00) for children aged 7+ who can thread beads.  The children will learn about gemstones, where they come from and what the gemstones are called.  They will also make a gemstone bracelet and the cost is only £5.00.

Margaret is looking forward to meeting lots of people at Lee Green Open Studios and enjoys getting feedback on her work.  It was a pleasure spending time talking with Margaret and if you are visiting Trinity Secondary during Lee Green Open Studios make sure you stop by and have a chat with her, you will enjoy it and see her wonderful work.

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