Lee Green Open Studios – Jane Pickersgill Artist

Jane Pickersgill Painting for Lee Green Open Studios

I met Jane on a sunny Saturday afternoon in her studio just off of Blackheath with a view over her lush verdant garden.  We talked about her work and interests over a lovely cup of tea while her cat walked in and out but not through any open paints, which has happened in the past.  Jane has exhibited at Lee Green Open Studios for a few years.

Jane trained as a fashion designer and decided to leave the industry as it was changing, but the training and business trips she made as a fashion designer still come through in her art.

Jane likes to recycle and upcycle and creates fantastic colourful collages using mixed media and everyday items.  One example is a picture of Greenwich that included a parking ticket.  As we both agreed any local knows that if you drive to Greenwich you can risk being given a parking ticket if you are minutes over the time you have paid for.  Jane had a few in her car to use in the collage.

Jane is influenced by the east and has a passion for Japanese art.  She has painted a series of blue pictures that are based on the colours of Japanese willow ceramics that were part of a V&A competition.  Jane told me that Monet was influenced by Japanese ceramics and his home at Giverny had many examples of this style.  Jane’s fashion designer training shows its influence in her art and I think it can be seen in her Sacred Places collection which is very colourful and bright.  Jane said that her inspiration is “more oriental than occidental”.  Her inspiration comes from what interests her and each piece of art is unique.  Jane is willing to take on commissions and recently created a unique piece for a couple to celebrate their wedding and it included different aspects of the wedding and people involved in the day.

Jane Pickersgill Udaipur for Lee Green Open Studios
Jane Pickersgill Udaipur for Lee Green Open Studios

Jane has her own website and she is on twitter as @tatteredstones and is very interested in supporting local ventures.  Jane also volunteers for local and national charities.  She is showing at 86 Longhurst Road, SE13 and is number 13 on the Lee Green Open Studios map .  She is looking forward to meeting visitors during Lee Green Open Studios and is very happy to talk through her work. After meeting Jane I would suggest you view her art at the Lee Green Open Studios and meet this friendly, vibrant and interesting artist.

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  1. March 27, 2016

    This is just mind-blowing art by Jane Pickersgill. Great work.

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