Lee Forum consultation: 8 Oct – 20 Nov

Greenwich and Lewisham councils are each running a consultation on Lee Forum 8 October-20 November.

Greenwich consultation

Lewisham consultation

If the forum is agreed it will increase local people’s say in what is built, protected and spent locally. Already hundreds of forums exist throughout the country.

Please write in support to planning.policy@royalgreenwich.gov.uk or planning.policy@lewisham.gov.uk​ if you think the forum a good idea.


For more details on the benefits of forums and how they work read here

  • Get to know the people involved.
  • Become involved yourself.
  • Raise concerns or questions you want resolved before making your submission.
  • Become a forum member. Membership is open to everyone who lives, works or has an interest in the area. Members have no obligations but importantly are invited to the annual general meeting where they can vote on decisions made by the forum.
  • Be kept informed via the forum newsletter.

Best wishes
Lee Forum
Email: leeforum@outlook.com

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