Prefab Museum News: Walking Tours

Edited Newsletter from Elizabeth and Jane, creators of the Prefab Museum.

We hope you all had a lovely summer!

The Team: We have been working on archiving all the documents, photos, illustrations we have been accumulating for years with the precious and clever help of Valentina and Layla, both students at the UCL MA Archives and Records Management. Jane has also been working hard on mapping prefabs all over the UK and particularly in London.

The Prefab Museum currently only exists online since the fire but utlimately, we would like to have the prefab archives accessible on line, on the Prefab Museum website, and encourage people to contribute to it. We are researching spaces to erect the post-war prefab (a UK 100) which we were given in Brittany last Spring! We are exploring the possibility of an Heritage Lottery Fund to get a grant to create a “new” physical Prefab Museum.

London Prefab Walking Tours: Meanwhile we are organising walking tours across London in areas where prefab homes stood back in 1946-1947-almost everywhere! The first will be a tour of the Peckham and Nunhead prefabsSaturday 3rd of October at 10:30.
More details here

Spring 2016 will see a prefab tour in Normandy and Brittany. Details to come.

Special Merchandise
We have Prefab tea towels for sale, as well as books.
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All our best prefab wishes to all!

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