Neighbours wanted for ‘Hedgehog Street!’

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is currently looking for neighbours who would like to be a part of this October’s Wild About Gardens Week (WAGW) press launch. WAGW is an initiative from the RHS to encourage people to garden for wildlife.

For the launch event, the RHS is looking for a couple of neighbours in a London suburb who would like to make their gardens more hedgehog friendly. They will help you to make small a 13cm x 13cm ‘hedgehog highway’ hole between your gardens, as well as offer advice about other things that you could do to make a difference in your space and the wider community. Please note they will invite the media along and recruit some celebrity support to help on the day!

Would you like to get involved?
Please contact The RHS if you’d like to get involved in the launch activity. Please note, they are looking for a garden with a wooden fence without a cement gravel board at the base, where a small hole can be cut into the bottom of the fence*. Ideally you will also have one or more of these features already in your garden: a pond, mixed planting (i.e. trees, shrubs and perennials), a ‘wild corner’, a log pile.

If you’d like to put forward your garden, please email: by 17th August with the following information:
Your name, address (including postcode) and telephone number

  • A photo of your garden, showing as many of its features as possible
  • A photo of where you’d propose we create the 13cm x 13cm hedgehog highway hole
  • Confirmation that neighbours on both side of the fence are happy to create a ‘hog hole
  • Daytime availability during one of these dates 13 – 15th or 20 – 21st October 2015

The RHS may ask to come and do a quick site visit in advance of the launch

More about ‘Wild About Gardens Week’
WAGW is an annual initiative to help people garden for wildlife, Hedgehogs are the focus this year as their numbers are down over 30% in just over 10 years. Hedgehogs are active at night and need space to roam for food and mates so making hedgehog holes between gardens is one of the most simple and effective things we can do. The good news is that there are still populations of hedgehogs recorded in many London boroughs, so by making holes between gardens we can help these animals to thrive.

If you’re anxious about cats making use of the new hole, turning it into a short tunnel with a piece of piping will put cats off coming through while still providing access to hedgehogs.

Other things that you could do to encourage hedgehogs into your garden and community green spaces include growing a diversity of plants, leaving wild corners, creating water sources with safe access (i.e. beaches or ramps in ponds), building shelters, log piles (to attract hedgehog prey) and avoiding the use of pesticides. For more information, visit: and have a look at the template card and booklet.



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