A new start for Manor Park?

Do you know about Manor Park- the little park off Longhurst and Manor Park roads where you can access the River Quaggy? Chances are unless you live very close by or have a dog- it may have escaped your notice with the larger Mountsfield Park and the historic Manor House Gardens on the doorstep.

Some years ago discussions were held to raise its profile- a consultation to change its name, and improving signage from the main roads. Amazingly there aren’t lamp post signs to the park! Three years on- the discussion has come round full circle!

The Friends Group haven’t quite got their internet presence  together but they do have email: MPUG80@yahoo.com and recently joined Twitter: @MPUG1966.
Meanwhile, below you’ll find the open letter to Councillors which  they are currently circulating.

All comments and suggestions should be directed at the friends group.
Email edited for length.

Dear Lee Green Councilors,

Please find attached screen prints of a question that was posted on [Mummies Gin Fund] Facebook Group.
As you may be aware, The Arts Cafe opened at the start of May this year after the last cafe owner (Jasper) left last year as he was having repeated problems with Glendale not repairing the toilets which was putting people off staying and using the cafe and therefore the park.

The toilets are now fixed (in the Autumn of last year I think) and Fred & Banu who run the (Lewisham Arts Cafe) now are putting in a lot of effort to raise awareness of the Cafe and Park but need some help from the Council to get it done properly. As a police officer on their beat said last week in the park, she wouldn’t have even known the Park was there if her partner hadn’t brought her in. If the local police force don’t know it is there how can members of the public be expected to know that is there either?

I am sure a year or so ago there was talk of changing the Manor Park/Manor House Gardens names which I didn’t agree with but on reflection I think adding the word ‘The’ to the park name (The Manor Park) would differentiate it from the road of the same name. Also signage from Hither Green station, Lee High Road and Manor Lane (at least), I think, would be helpful. There is a synopsis of the comments and I have also posted the same question on the Come Hither, To Hither Green Facebook Group (of almost 800 members) today to see what they say.

I look forward to hearing your comments as I see that the Coordinating Committee for the Lee Green Assembly has said that the top three priorities which should be focused on for this year are:
1) Lee Green Lives – promoting community development
2) Parks and open spaces improvements
3) Development of planning in Lee Green

all of which would be achieved by helping Manor Park & the Arts Cafe be a success.

Thanks for reading
Richard Shaw
Chair – Hither Green Community Hall & Arts Society
Email: contact@hithergreenhall.org
Manor Park Users Group: MPUG80@yahoo.com


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