URGENT: Safer Hither Green Lane!

Help secure much needed funding for street improvements

New Deadline: 29 June

UPDATE1Cllr Stella Jeffrey has been in touch to say she has arranged

for the deadline to be extended by one week from 22 June to 29 June.

UPDATE 2: Three of the areas competing with Hither Green Lane for the TFL Lip funding are

Manor LaneSandhurst RoadBurnt Ash Hill.

Click for details of their planned streescape improvements and their feasibility studies.

It really is too bad that we are competing against our near neighbours for this necessary funding.

Hello everyone,

A proposal to secure over £200,000 of Transport For London funding to improve Hither Green Lane pavements and carriageway is currently before Lewisham Council- and it urgently needs more community support.

Dangerous Road Crossings: For a long time people in Hither Green have been concerned about the crossings at Beacon Road and George Lane. Cars frequently approach both crossings at speed and there are numerous instances of drivers not stopping for pedestrians. This is a golden opportunity to secure funding to improve safety on HGL for pedestrians and local businesses.

Solutions: Widening the pavement, improving junction layouts.  The full proposal document can be found here (scroll down for the map).

Where we come in: Hither Green is facing significant competition from other parts of Lewisham for the money. The deadline for us to show our support is this Sunday night.

So please whatever you’re doing this weekend, do find 5 minutes to email your support for the proposal:
Email: transport@lewisham.gov.uk with “Hither Green Lane – Streetscape Improvements” in the subject. A sentence or two about why you think Hither Green Lane needs improving for pedestrians will make all the difference.

Thank you in advance for your time, and many thanks are also due to Ivan, Martha and Ryan, local residents who have nursed these proposals, gathering local support and working with local Councillors.

You can contact them via hgl.proposals@outlook.com

The Hither Green Community Association

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  1. Please find below on of several emails from residents to Lewisham Transport and HIghways we were copied into this weekend.

    Dear Lewisham Council,

    I am a Hither Green Resident and I am contacting you in regards to much needed road traffic improvements on Hither Green Lane.

    1) Ineffective Speed Bumps.

    From Radford Road to Theodore Road there are three sets of speed bumps. These speed bumps are extremely dangerous as all traffic moving up or down this section drive around the speed bumps quite easily without having to slow down. You can witness this any time of day or night as traffic gets even closer to the thin pavement and is quite frightening ( I have video which can be provided if necessary),

    Drivers circumnavigating the speed bumps have created a ditch on the side of the pavement and on any rainy day pedestrians trying to walk from Radford Road to Theodore road are being unceremoniously splashed by oncoming speeding traffic as a large volume of water accumulates in the ditch and the splash covers the whole pavement and into some gardens.

    I have on numerous occasions found it impossible to walk on Hither Green Lane during rainy weather and me and my family have been splashed by speeding traffic numerous times.

    2) Dangerous Crossings.

    There is a Zebra Crossing just before Ennersdale Road, but it is very dangerous as oncoming traffic is speeding over ineffective speed bumps and having to break dangerously, again due to ineffective speed bumps on that section of road. We take our children to St Swithuns on a regular basis but we seem to be ”running the gauntlet” when on the Zebra Crossing as traffic on some occasions does not even stop! We have witnessed quite a lot of accidents around that crossing.

    As a Hither Green resident and the father of young children it does not take much to see that the speed bumps and the crossing are extremely dangerous and quite frankly embarrassing. It goes without saying, Hither Green Lane is a busy traffic and pedestrian lane, especially the sections I have mentioned. After being splashed on numerous occasions, seen numerous accidents and we are actually in fear of walking on the pavement as traffic drives around the speed bumps, Hither Green Lane needs to be reassessed as a top priority on the councils agenda as it is a tragedy waiting to happen.

    Please feel free to contact me for any further info and I can provide any video evidence if needed.

    Kindest Regards,

    Danny Afzal.

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