Sunflower Planting @ Manor House Gardens


We hope you’ve had great fun growing your sunflowers!
Have you started planting yours out yet? Have the snails have left them alone?!

This Saturday, We are having a mass planting of sunflowers in one of the community flower beds at Manor House Gardens.

We’ll be working with the fantastic Friends Group.  So please grab a trowel and come along and join us! And bring any spare/ extra sunflower plants too.

This is a Chelsea Fringe event, so we’ll be taking photos.

National Press: Our Sunshine Trail was mentioned in The Guardian in an article about the Fringe. Link and text below.
An attractive aspect of the Fringe is that many of the events are aimed at children, such as the Sunshine Trail in Lee and Hither Green. Sunflower seeds are being distributed to schools and will be available to collect at local shops: a brilliant example of drawing communities together
“Alt.gardening: The Chelsea Fringe Festival comes of age”
by Amicia de Moubray


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