Changing Hither Green – Help wanted!

Hither Green is expanding and so is the Hither Green Community Association. We started as a small amenity group to ensure local people had volunteering opportunities and now we organise a week long Festival, manage a large budget and advocate on community issues with Lewisham Council.

We are doing more, and need more people to help us accomplish tasks.
We need people to join the full committee, people to join the ad-hoc sub committees- like Planning and Development, Events/ Festival and Business. We know residents have strong views on issues like parking, local businesses, traffic, train services, fly tipping and street drinking- dont sit and stew share your thoughts and perhaps help provide solutions.

Our AGM happens in October (date to be arranged) so you do have some time to give some thought to becoming a full member, but you can also be co-opted for a limited period, attending meetings focussed only your topic of interest. Get in touch too if you have professional experience to offer- finance, planning, retail… The time commitment is small and meeting agendas are tightly focussed. Work is mostly done by email, and consensus rules the day.

Please do drop a line if you have an interest in the development of area- especially if you live or run a business here. Get in touch too if you have skills to offer or are just curious!

Hither Green Community Association

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  1. Piers Clough
    June 26, 2015

    I am interested in supporting / joining Our Hither Green. We live on Knowles Hill Crescent.

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