Manor House Gardens: Spring Update

Dear Manor House Gardens Users,

Isn’t it glorious weather- I hope you are making the most of our lovely gardens- enjoying herons and other wildlife in abundance at the moment.

Events News

2nd June- Open Park Forum
Our next Open Forum is on 2nd June at 7.30. Look out for posters and an email nearer the time regarding the agenda

6th June- The Sunshine Trail
Are you free to come and help plant some sunflowers? On 6th June we will be supporting the Chelsea Fringe Festival and via Lewisham Gardens have been given lots of sunflowers to plant in our community garden. More details to follow. Plan to bring the children and have a picnic. Twitter @Sunshine_Trail | Sunshine trail

20th June- Manor House Gardens Summer Festival
Put the date in your diaries and please spread the word! We will send out regular updates. If you are on Facebook please like our page as we post daily information and news.

In the meantime would you be prepared to have a board in your front garden promoting the festival? John Payne will be paying us and this funding goes towards putting the festival on. It’s FREE for you but not for us to put on! If you are interested please let us know sending an email to

July- End of Year 6 Camping
Do you have a child in year 6? We will be running the year 6 camp in the park event again this July. This is a family event where the child camps with the family in the park overnight. There is security , a bat walk, games etc and from all accounts it is a lot of fun.

Dog Show
Would you be interested in running a Dog show? We have had successful dog shows over the year’s but the people who have done the last few are no longer able to do it. Do you have any ideas? Please let us know.
As the weather has suddenly become so nice picnics abound. May we kindly ask you to take home your litter- we have a limited number of bins and they are overflowing. They are emptied daily but when the park is full there are insufficient to take all the rubbish.

Also may we also ask if you notice any litter that has been left for others – especially glass bottles- can you please pick it up and put it in the bin. Not everyone is as well mannered as you and many leave their rubbish for others to clear up.

Finally if you notice that the bins look a mess , or see any fly tipping in the park or surrounding streets remember you can post a picture directly to the Love Lewisham app. They deal with the rubbish very quickly.

We are in the process of getting used to not having a park keeper 5 days a week. We now only have 3 days. If you notice a difference pleased take a photo or let us know by email or Facebook.

Finally just to let you know the continuation of the work on the weir will begin on 1st June.

Keep in touch with ideas, feedback and offers to volunteer! We value it all.

Rebecca Swann
News Editor, Friends of Manor House Gardens.

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