National Community Clear Up Day

 National Community Clear Up Day

Is there an area of your street which needs a good spring clean?

On Saturday 21 March, Lewisham Council is keen to support individuals, businesses, schools and organisations to join in on National Community Clear up Day.

“So get together, roll up your sleeves and spring clean your neighbourhood on Saturday 21 March. It’s really simple and fun to take part in Community Clear Up Day – and it’s free!

You might be tackling a favourite spot by yourself, getting your work buddies involved to clear up a corner of the park, or organising the neighbours to give your whole street a seasonal spruce up.
Whatever you take on, it’s amazing how small actions can transform our local spaces from an eyesore to an asset. By taking part in the Community Clear Up Day you will not only improve the local
environment, it‘ll benefit you too. Here’s how:
  •  By joining a local group, you’ll be meeting like-minded people and getting to know your neighbours.
  • Working together with others in your community you’ll harness local support for cleaning up litter.
  • It is rewarding taking action on an issue that you care about.
  •  You’ll live in a nicer, cleaner and better looking environment after taking part in a few local litter picks.
  • Taking part in local litter picks, you’ll be getting out there in the fresh air.
  • By taking part in education drives, with the local school for example, you’ll get to meet people from a cross-section of your neighbourhood.
  • You will be demonstrating that simple action can make a really positive difference and help restore pride in your community.

There is a handy toolkit which includes all the info and tools you need to get your own clear up day organised and take part in the nationwide effort to get rid of litter.

The pack includes key planning tips, editable leaflets, posters and banners which you can use to help organise and promote the event. Download a Toolkit here.

  1. Community Action Clear Up Day 21st March 2015 Events Activities
  2.  Litter Picking Dos and Donts 
  3. Click for Press Release


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If you’re a local business, organisation or school you can organise your very own clear up day. Saturdays might be tricky so why not do your Community Clear Up Day on Friday 20 March instead or in the week running up to 21st March, just in time for the start of spring?

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