Leegate: Planning Application Submitted

Hello everyone,

As many of you will know, St Modwen have submitted their plans for the redevelopment of Leegate to Lewisham Council. Their plans can be seen by clicking in the blue and white box at the end of this email where is says ‘click here to view the application online’ .There are over 250 documents! The main thing you need to know is that plans are in the main unchanged since St Modwen’s November 2014 exhibition and the deadline for you to have your say is 15th April.  

  • There is a very real possibility that these plans will be accepted by Lewisham Council. 
  • If you want to see changes to the plans you need to take action now.

Although over 800 people have signed the petition asking for further improvements to St Modwen’s plans, nobody has yet replied to Lewisham’s public consultation (comments, when submitted, will be shown on Lewisham’s website).

  • If everyone relies on everyone else to do this, Lewisham council will not see adequate local strength of feeling to see why they should push for further improvements.

Below is what you can do in the next few weeks. Please read and action them, or as many as you are able. Remember that after 15th April the requests for your time will be less since the community will largely lose the opportunity to be heard.

  1.    Help leaflet streets for the community survey (NOT Lewisham’s consultation – that is point 4 below):  So far there are 341 completions, it has been advertised in the Newshopper and Mercury, many local churches, shops, pubs, local groups and community boards and Electoral candidates Julia Fletcher and Stoorm Poorun are helping us deliver thousands of leaflets in many areas, but there are many streets we still want to reach with our leaflets.
  2.   Come and be in our photo releasing balloons in the Leegate Centre  this Saturday at 2pm, finishing by 2.45  We now have the results of our Air Pollution Study which are very revealing. We have prepared a press release for it but need a photo to go with it.  Release of balloons seems a good way to represent a request for clean air, we hope you agree. We would really like a photo that represents every part in the community. Please let us know if you will be coming and whether you will bring children with you (we will try to make sure we have enough balloons especially for them)
  3. Put  7-9pm 18th March  Meeting at Trinity school on Taunton Road in your diary. This will be your only and last opportunity to question Lewisham’s planning officers who have played a key role in the development of the current plans with St Modwen and will advise councillors sitting on the deciding Strategic Planning Committee. A show of faces there will reinforce to planning officers how important this issue is to the community. There will be a drop in session in the school 4-6.30 too, although unlike the meeting, this will not be minuted and you will not hear answers to other people’s questions.
  4. Make sure that by 15thApril you have submitted your feedback on St Modwen’s plans to Lewisham council. This is important because your comments will become a part of the planning application. You can do this by sending a letter to Monique Wallace, Planning Service, 3rd Floor Laurence house, 1 Catford Road, Catford, London, SE6 4RU, or an email to planning@lewisham.gov.uk.  It is important to add your POSTAL ADDRESS AND PRINTED NAME in BOTH LETTERS AND EMAILS that you send since your comments will not be considered valid otherwise. Your comments can be laid out succinctly in the form of bullet points or longer if you prefer.

If you can’t face looking at the 250 documents on the Council’s website you can familiarise yourself with the plans on our website www.abetterleegreen.com.

Your comments will be added to the planning application if they relate to planning policy areas. To remind you, some of the planning policies that local groups have been saying are not being complied with since 2012 relate to:

  • Adequate community consultation,
  • increases in pollution,
  • retail need,
  • reduction in size of public space and it’s placement near a busy road,
  • massing/bulk,
  • adequate walkways through the site,
  • diversity of retail, leisure, services etc, sustainability.

Please note: Choice of superstore is not a planning consideration, so whether you like Asda or not, is not relevant, though it’s size is, if it increases traffic and squeezes out provision of other things such as public space, community spaces and small retailers.

We have not yet seen what type of housing is being offered but there are also planning policies on numbers of affordable housing. The most important thing though is to say what you honestly think. We have been really impressed by the knowledge and thoughtfulness of the comments people have made in the community survey and many of these comments would be just fine to include in Lewisham’s consultation.

  • Make sure you have completed A Better Lee Green’s Survey and Petition if you have not already done so and consider emailing your local councillors and MP with your thoughts – The survey and petition are on the front page of our website and the contact details of councillors and MPs can be found under the ‘what are people saying’ tab at the top of the page in a box called ‘decision makers’ Website: www.abetterleegreen.com

Thank you as always for your support, time and emails. We will be in touch again soon to show you the results of the Leegate pollution study and community survey. Initial pollution study results can already be seen on our website under ‘problems’ and ‘pollution’.


With best wishes

Sarah and Julie (for A Better Lee Green)


Lewisham Planning Consultation
Application No DC/14/90032
Case Officer Monique Wallace
Proposal Proposed development at Leegate Shopping Centre, bounded by Burnt Ash Road, Eltham Road, Leyland Road and Carston Close, London, SE12 8SS for the demolition of the existing buildings and redevelopment to provide a retail led mixed use development, including residential (Use Class C3), food store (Use Class A1), retail units (Use Class A1 – A4), assembly and leisure (Use Class D2), non-residential institutions (Use Class D1), public realm, associated car parking, cycle parking, highways works, landscaping, access and all other associated work.


By way of further detail in relation to the proposed uses, the proposal includes 229 residential flats and houses, 3,847sqm food store (Use Class A1), 10 retail units ((1,588sqm ) Use Class A1 – A3), 690sqm public house (Use Class A4), 2,041sqm gym/leisure facility (Use Class D2), 353sqm non-residential institutions (Use Class D1), approximately 320 public and 100 residential car parking spaces, 530 public and residential cycle parking spaces, highways works, landscaping, access and all other associated work.

Closing Date for


15 April 2015
Contact Email Planning@Lewisham.gov.uk
Link Click here to view the application online

Alternatively copy & paste the link below into your browser


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