Planning: Morrisons Supermarket for Hither Green Lane?

MORE PLANNING NEWS: 232 Hither Green Lane (Carpet Corner).
A planning application has been submitted to Lewisham Council for permission to part demolish, alter and extend the former cinema building.
The Carpet Corner development is intended to provide a three storey building consisting of a ground floor A1 food retail unit, six residential units on the top two floors. The A1 food retails unit is likely to be Morrison’s Local Supermarket.


Local Response has been mixed. The development was welcomes as way to help ‘anchor’ that end of the Lane. Other comments expressed concerns about parking and deliveries on George Lane

Comments can be sent until 17th February to:, quoting application no. DC/14/90374


Several years ago Hither Green Hall worked with HGL traders and the HGCA in a failed attempt to return the building to it’s previous use. It’s interesting that both of Hither Green’s former cinemas should become retail chain supermarkets especially when there is a distinct lack of eating/ drinking/ entertainment venues in the area.

Branches of national supermarket chains within 10 mins of Hither Green:

1 Co-op store
2 Sainburys stores
5 Tesco stores-Planning now secured for sixth.
2 Lidl stores
1 A1di store
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  1. Pat Ewin
    February 13, 2015

    We object to the application for change of use of carpet corner to flats and Al food retail unit on the following grounds.
    1) The parking facilities are already inadequate for residents.
    2) Night deliveries to the retail outlet will disrupt the night time quality of the area for residents,.
    3) How are the other small retail outlets selling similar goods going to survive yet another large convenience store on their doorstep such as the Co-op etc.

  2. Khalil Khabibullin
    February 26, 2015

    We also object the proposal. The building has a long history and a similiar proposal has been refused a number of times. I do not see any reasons why it should be different now as the proposals are very similiar.

    I can see the commercial value in doing such a developments for the owner of the property, but luckly not everything is ruled by money. The development contradicts the desire to make Hither Green a better place for families and will cause distruption for the residents of the George Lane.

    We already have Co-op building next door and Morissons delivery at 1am will disrupt the sleep of me and my family.

    I am very concerned with this proposal and will anything possible to stop if from happening.


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