Latest letter from The Friends of Manor House Gardens (Edited for length)

This is an invitation to our Open Forum Meeting.

Date: 24th February
Time: 7.30pm
Location:  Manor House Library.

At this meeting Park Users will be able to ask questions toMartin Hyde, Head of Parks Regeneration. We shall be discussing our Petition to save our park keepers which has been handed to the Mayor and representations made.

Budget Cuts-Where we are now:

A total to £640,000 is to be cut from parks budget in 2015/16

Cuts are likely to continue to 2018 and beyond

30% of council staff have been cut and a further 30% will go by 2018

6 park keepers are likely to be retained out of 12 (Not ideal but better than the first proposal we were offered so it seems we have made a difference)

Manor House Gardens will share a keeper with Mountsfield Park

Park Gardeners will not be retained


The Lewisham Parks Forum: The Forum has been established to represent the views of all the user groups to safeguard the parks in the face of unprecedented cuts being imposed. Paul Lowndes, Chair of MH Gardens has been a key driver in the founding of the new Lewisham Parks Forum and is Vice Chair.

The remit is to find new ways of working with the Council and Glendales to manage parks sustainably for the future
So Far:

Forum Working parties have been set up to:
1. Understand how the current Glendales contract works
2. Identify new funding opportunities
3. Explore new business models to deliver services such as co-ops and social enterprises.
The next Open Forum Meeting: 24th February at 7.30 at Manor House Library.

We would really like a good turn out to match the excellent petition response.

Hope to see you there

Rebecca Swann
News Editor